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ملحق-1- 2017
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1 Gender and Number Polarity in the Standard Arabic Numeral Phrases Ahmad Alqassas Georgetown University. Ahmad Alqassas ...1
2 Innovations to Fill Pragmatic Gaps in Instant Text Messaging . Wafi Fhaid Alshammari ...19
3 L’impact de la L1, l’arabe libanais et du français L2 sur l’acquisition de l’anglais L3 : l’introduction des entités dans un discours narratif. Pascale EL HAJ ...25
4 Obligatory resumption in Iraqi Arabic – a narrow syntax phenomenon. Laura-Andreea Sterian ...45
5 On the structure of sound and broken plurals in Moroccan Arabic . Mohamed Lahrouchi, Rachid Ridouane ...57
6 Participial Sentences: Temporal interpretation of bare sentences in Tunisian Arabic . Margherita Pallottino ...83
7 Syntactic Asymmetries between the Comparative and Superlative in Arabic Peter Hallman, University of Vienna. Peter Hallman ...97